加拿大学生签证的study plan写这几步就没问题了

加拿大学生签证的study plan写这几步就没问题了

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Study Plan是申请签证的时候要向移民局说明你将来出国学习的计划,一定要说“会回国“”会回国”!具体写哪些呢?

Study Plan

Dear Visa Officer,(先称呼)

Thank you for taking time considering my application. I am the applicant XXXXXX. It’s my great pleasure to be admitted by EAP and Ontario College Diploma Program of Tourism and Hospitality Management at George Brown College, commencing on Sep. 05, 2017. I value this chance of studying abroad highly and deeply believe I could achieve what I want from overseas study. Hereby I would like to explain about my personal background and future study schedule and hope for your approval.(表示感谢,寒暄几句,说明自己被录取情况)

My Education Experience(这一部分写自己的教育背景)

As an ambitious young person, I clearly understand that I ought to utilize any source to improve my abilities. In Sep. 2014, I began my 5-year college program at Jiangsu City Professional Institute Changzhou School. This program is composed of 3-year senior high school courses and 2-year college courses. After completing first three years’ studies, students could obtain senior high school diploma. Now I am expected to obtain my diploma in Jul. 2017. In the first 3 years, I mainly learned general senior high school courses and several professional courses related to my major art design. Based on my diligence, I could always achieve an excellent academic performance. At the same time, I always take part actively in various extracurricular activities, which enriched my school life.

With the initial learning of my major art design, I gradually find that my academic interest is not design. After serious consideration, I decide to learn what I really want. I am a person who likes sightseeing. In the past, I travelled to many places domestically and overseas, such as Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei. And my hometown Changzhou City is a famous tourism spots as National Tourism Model Area, with total tourism income of over RMB 83,360,000,000 in 2016. According to my investigation, hospitality management is one of the top ten popular industries all over the world. Because Chinese tourism and hotel industry is more and more thriving, there is a great demand for senior hospitality management professionals in China. If I could acquire advanced hotel and tourism management knowledge, in future I will have a good career development. Therefore, with my personal interest and bright career development prospect, I decide to further my education in field of tourism management.

The best way to learn the essence of tourism and hospitality management is to go to the place where it is the most developed and the most advanced. As far as I know, it has already been a mature subject with updated and advanced concepts and information in western countries. And a college diploma program could let me acquire more practical and systematic knowledge in a reasonable period, while an undergraduate program usually attaches importance on research. So in order to learn advanced and practical knowledge which I really want and to widen my personal vision, I made a decision to begin my higher education overseas.

Why Canada and George Brown College (为什么选择加拿大,为什么选择该学校)

After much thought I decide to choose Canada for the following reasons: Firstly , Canada is famous for many breathtaking sight sports, such as Niagara Falls, Victoria Harbor, CN Tower and Thousand Island, etc. The hospitality industry is very developed and mature. If I study in Canada, I will learn advanced knowledge in this field. Secondly , Canada pays much attention to higher education. Compared with America and Europe, the cost is more reasonable. Thirdly , Canada always enjoys safe and tolerant social environment and beautiful scenery, as well as multi-culture. Under this environment, I could feel different cultures and adapt to learning surrounding as soon as possible. Therefore I believe studying in Canada is a very wise decision.

George Brown College is built in the city of Toronto, Canada’s largest city and perhaps the most diverse city in the world. It is one of Canada’s largest, most diversified and highly respected colleges. George Brown College is committed to giving students an education which provides them with the real-world skills that employers are looking for. Besides, each program is intimate with plenty of individual attention from excellent instructors. It is also popular and has a good reputation among international students. So it is my best option.

Study Schedule(学习的具体计划了,一定把自己写成个学霸)

Firstly , I will start my study at George Brown College beginning with EAP program. In future, I will spare no efforts on learning English and I believe under a pure English environment like Canada, my English will be improved a lot. I have confidence to be qualified to start my academic study in a short time.

Secondly , after EAP program, I will go to 2-year college diploma program of Tourism and Hospitality Management. I would like to learn the following courses with my whole energy: Hospitality Accounting, Beverage Operations, Food and Beverage Cost Control, Strategic Hospitality Management, Integrated Events Management and so on. The program builds on a strong base of hospitality management courses in aspects of human resources management, accounting, finance, hotel operations, etc. In conjunction with these courses the program provides specialized courses dealing with the economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects of the industry as well as the critical functions of hospitality marketing, distribution, planning and development. I believe studying there will be greatly helpful for my realization of career goal in future. Besides, I will make a full use of resources in institute library to expand my scope of knowledge and participate in practice and extracurricular activities to adapt myself to local environment and feel the Canadian culture. I believe studying there will pave a way for my future career development.

My Promising Future (对自己将来的规划,一定要写回国)

When I finish my study in Canada, I will definitely come back to China. The prior simple reason is my parents are in China. They sacrifice so much for me and I will definitely come back China to repay their love and care.

Besides, I am an ardent youth who is always spurred on by ambition. I plan to work in an entry-level position in a world-renowned five-star hotel or resort in China. I believe my education experience will be a strong advantage in competitions and career development. I wish I could put academic knowledge what I learnt in Canada into practice and accumulate practical experience. After accumulating experience and exercising my relevant skills, I wish to be promoted as a Senior Manager. With my international education background, updated concepts and excellent language ability, I will be advantageous in China’s employment market and realize my career goal as soon as possible. When everything is getting prepared, I will establish and operate my own star resort hotel in future.

Dear visa officer, thank you for sparing time to read my study plan and examining my application documents. It will be highly appreciated if you approve my VISA application and support my study in your esteemed country.

Sincerely yours,(结尾)



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